Threats of DIY Tree Removal

If you think that your tree is infected with disease or already dead, perhaps you need to have it removed. However, most property owners think that hiring a professional Mississauga arborist for services like tree removal may be quite pricey. Because of that, you’re probably thinking about doing DIY tree removal. But before you do that, take note that tree removal comes with a lot of dangers— some hidden and some obvious. Here are some of them: 


Usually, trees are located close to the power lines. When a power line is accidentally touched, it can mean lights out. When the branches get in close contact to almost touching the lines, it would be best to leave this tree work to the hands of the experts. You may reach out to your power service provider and they will cut down the tree for you or simply trim away the branches.? 

Tree Trunks 

The trunks of the trees are one of the main things you need to be aware of while doing tree service as they can kill once they land on anyone. These can cut right through cars and houses as well. When a tree trunk drops, it can damage the utilities and pipes buried below the ground. At times, you’ll see a tree trunk to be fully or partially hollow from insect damage. This is what leads to a weak point, making the tree prone to falling hard unpredictably. When you cut a tree trunk, the need for caution can’t be overstated.? 


There are three branches that are actually heavier than they seem. The momentum of these tree branches could lead to death once they land on you. As you perform tree trimming, the cut branches would bounce off other branches on the way down, causing them to land far from where they were cut in the first place. For that, it’s advisable to steer clear of the area below anyone who’s performing tree work.? 

Falling Tools 

Tools always tend to fall. As you work with heights, such drops could result in injury. Make sure that all of your crewmates are wearing hard hats. Also, make sure that no one is positioned below anyone who’s doing a tree job. This way, in case of accidents, other workers won’t be caught up with the affected person.? 


Due to gravity, accidents usually take place. If you climb a tree, you’ll get really far off the ground. So before doing that, make sure to wear a fall harness all the time because other tree branches may seem healthy, but they may have a few indicators of damage that you don’t see. Moreover, even if you use proper footing, carrying and utilizing chainsaws can make you shift your weight and eventually fall. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry.? 

These are some of the many dangers that could happen to you in case you try to do tree removal on your own. If you don’t want to risk your life, then it would be ideal to hire a certified arborist to professionally do any?Mississauga arborist services?for you.?